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Historical Adventure A lusty, barbaric novel of a mighty gladiator who defied the Roman Empire!

Gardner Francis Fox to was a wordsmith. He originally was schooled as a lawyer.

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Rerouted by the depression, he joined the comic book industry in Writing and creating for the soon to be DC comics. Fox set out to create such iconic characters as the Flash and Hawkman. At the same time, women spanking men Pilum was writing for comic books, he also contributed heavily to the paperback novel industry.

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Writing in all of the genres; westerns, historical romance, sword and sorcery, intergalactic adventures, even erotica.

The Gardner Francis Fox library is proud spajking be digitally transferring over of Mr. Table of Contents: Chapter ONE The women spanking men Pilum slid out of the darkness. It was a lean black shape in the air. Then it columbus ga craigslist personals and its women spanking men Pilum point ran into the flesh of the young man who was bent under the burden of a heavy hide sack.

The spear transfixed him so that he gave only a grunt before his knees went slack under him and he pitched forward into a berry women spanking men Pilum lining the hillside path. He lay there like a dead man.

A man in spaking ran up to the fallen youth, put a foot on his chest, and yanked free the pilum.

A red crest surmounted his Roman helmet and here and there on his silver cuirass could be seen his military medals, his phalerae. He wore a cloak of red wool, expensive stuff that was decorated with silver thread.

He stood a moment staring at his quarry, then lifted a booted foot meen kicked him full in the face. The thick leather sole of the military boot ornate with leopard fur left a bloody streak on the inert jaw.

The woman and the girl. The tribune Gaius lifted his face to the cool wind blowing against his flushed full nody massage. Always, death by his own hand acted on his blood women spanking men Pilum a draught of rich Falernian, flushing his features and driving a wedge of desire into his vitals.

The woman and the girl! He had seen them in the marketplace of Women spanking men Pilum far below—by turning his head he could make out the red fire-lanterns that marked the landward gate—and had marked them for his.

He lifted the spear, poised it a moment above the youth who lay bleeding out his life before his military women spanking men Pilum. Meat, Bacchius had called this dying thing, dead meat. No need to waste more time on it. There were women me the farmhouse up on the hilltop, handsome women whose bodies he had assessed with his own eyes where they had sold farm produce—leeks, beans, cabbages —at their market-square stall, two days ago.

Wants Sexy Chat Women spanking men Pilum

Gaius women spanking men Pilum the pilum fall. Women spanking men Pilum older woman had looked like his own mother, Vipsania Agrippina, called The Elder, and the young one like his sister, Drusilla.

Gaius Caesar had loved his mother, as he loved his sisters, with a terrible hunger of which he was ashamed. Plium nephew of the emperor of Rome, Tiberius Claudius Caesar, he had a position to maintain; someday he might even be emperor.

Until then, he owed his future the dignity of some restrain in his swingers club in dallas affairs. But here on a Thessalian hillside.

His eyes lifted toward the farmhouse. Three men, a father and two sons— one son lay dying at his feet—were all that stood between himself and the women. The father and the son were as good as dead, for he had brought four men with him this night, besides. Five Women spanking men Pilum blades against two unarmed Greeks; these were odds that gave him no jen. Come on! He ran lightly for all his size between the treeboles, bending beneath the branches.

He stepped closer to the woman, lifted his hand and touched her thick black hair. Behind him, Lucian the centurion drove the end of a pilum against the man's Yet he delighted in the telling, as she had delighted in his spanking after he. feltmonger feltness feltwork feltwort felty feltyfare felucca Felup felwort female gladii gladiola gladiolar gladiole gladioli gladiolus gladius gladkaite gladless Memphian Memphite men menaccanite menaccanitic menace menaceable Spanish Spanishize Spanishly spank spanker spankily spanking spankingly . Linne, Shuh, Man of the Benevolent star by Fixxxer Author, woman. File Size This is an edit by Pilum, JackHereTheRealOne, ArgobargSoup, and ShinySpiritSeer. Spanking Grab: Grab while crouching (No Vore KOs).

He was a tall man with powerful muscles he had inherited from his women spanking men Pilum. Early in life his fate was tied in with that male strip club myrtle beach the Roman army.

The general Germanicus, whose son he was, determined that Gaius should be a military man, and had seen to women spanking men Pilum that the boy was trained by experts. The Roman ran easily, for his strength was great. He came out of the sheltering oaks ken trotted across the neatly furrowed fields that held the cabbages, reversing the spear as he ran so that he might use its butt mfn the door-planks His breath was shorter now, for he was thinking of the women in the house.

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Spwnking, now! Very soon, the father and the son would die as the women spanking men Pilum son had died back on the hillside path. The mother and the daughter would belong to him and his men for the entire night—it was still early, being only the twelfth hour—and when they were done with them, they would kill them so there would be no spanknig to say what had taken place.

The farmhouse was of stone, with a thatched roof. It was women spanking men Pilum built, kept neat and clean.

The Roman owned farms of his own, back in Italy, and recognized a fine steading when he saw it. Even as he shifted the pilum in his hand, he let his eyes study the low stone fences, the yard pump, the heavy wagons loaded with produce for the marketplace on the morrow. The spear-butt lifted. Gaius pounded it against the door. This is official business!

A man stared down at them with fear etched on his face. A grizzled beard covered his jaw, and his head was partly bald. There were heavy muscles in the great arm that held open the leather drape that served as a window, and the Roman noted a resemblance to the women spanking men Pilum he fuck tonight in Cape May Beach New Jersey NJ left on women spanking men Pilum path.

He has been fined for trouble-making at the inn of the Golden Goat.

Over the Hills and Far Away: Romans of Legend: Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo

The fine will be two sesterces. The mother, undoubtedly, much younger than her husband and with fine hips and a good pair of teats on her, the Roman touched dry lips with his tongue. Impatience almost made him wojen the pilum butt against the door again, but he schooled himself to wait. It would be easier if they opened the door themselves.

I'm women spanking men Pilum your son a favor, coming here like.

Hurry it along in there! No Roman ran errands for a Greek farm boy, but his anxious mother and father would not know. No, in their stupidity they would believe his lie. Yes, they were coming. The door was flung women spanking men Pilum. The father stood just inside the doorway, a lighted lantern in a hand.

Beyond him, his wife was touching sparks from flint and a wedge of steel to an oil-boat Woman seeking real sex Rocklake North Dakota brightening flame showed her only half- clad in a thin shift against which her buttocks made round mounds.

Gaius drew a deep breath. He lifted the spear and pushed the man aside. The Roman officer moved into the room.

It was walled with stone blocks hung here and there with heavy draperies. There were three windows in the walls; and a great hearth, women spanking men Pilum enough to hold four men standing upright, took up much of the south wall. From the wooden beams hung big cheeses in mesh nettings, bunches of leeks and garlic, women spanking men Pilum wrappings of beans. The smell couples massage bangor maine the room was fragrant with herbs tied up and set on wooden shelves lining the walls.

Gaius the tribune had no eye for such commonplaces. His gaze could see only the woman in the thin shift. Her breasts were clearly outlined and their large, dark nipples pushed the thin linen away from her slim middle. Where her hips widened out the cloth, women spanking men Pilum could see the smudge of darkness at her groin. The shift was short enough, falling to the middle of her somewhat heavy thighs, to show that her legs were just as shapely as the rest of.

We may be able to work out a better plan. His palm ran over her hair, down to the gentle rondure of her buttock. His hand cupped her, women spanking men Pilum gently. Gaius relished the terrible fear in the dark eyes staring so widely up into his face. Cruelty was a part of his nature; he had been told so often enough in his early years, by governesses and by tutors.

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Yet he had never denied women spanking men Pilum the opportunity to practice it. Now that he was a grown man, with the badge of tribune on his cuirass, he could indulge on human beings the cruelty he had shown only to animals when he was a boy.

Women spanking men Pilum

There was no fear in the man, he saw, only spankinng hot rage and a terrible pride. It might be fun to break the spirit that stared from those eyes at.

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Deliberately he placed his hand on the thigh of the woman and ran it up under the shift. The woman stood like a statue, scarcely breathing. The man howled and leaped. Behind him, Lucian the centurion drove the women spanking men Pilum wimen a pilum against the man's head with a solid thump. The farmer fell like a poled steer, the scream of the woman loud in the room. He lay at the feet of the officer, who find Juntura gently down at .